Buxton Adventure Film Festival – what a great line up!

Buxton Adventure Festival 2013 line-up announced

The second Buxton Adventure Festival programme 2 – 3 November, is announced today with 10 record-breaking, globe-trotting, mountain-topping inspirational speakers from the worlds of adventure, travel and sport.

Buxton Adventure Festival tickets are now on sale at the Opera House. 4 out of the 10 speakers are cyclists and includes Juliana Buhring who has also just finished the Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul in an amazing 12 days.

• SATURDAY 17.30 – Juliana Buhring – The Fastest Woman To Cycle the World: On December 22, 2012, Juliana Buhring set the first ever Guinness World Record for Fastest Woman to Circumnavigate the World by Bicycle. Juliana’s 18,060 mile journey took her across four continents and nineteen countries, in a total time of 152 days and 144 actual days pedalled.
• SUNDAY 12.30 – Heather Dawe – A Personal Obsession with Mountains. Ultra-runner, climber and cyclist and now author and artist Heather Dawe explores her drive to keep pushing herself harder and harder. Heather has competed and won at Elite level in many mountain marathons like the LAMM and the OMM and has run the Bob Graham Round in under 22 hours. In 2008 she won the renowned Three Peaks Cyclo-cross
• SATURDAY 20.00 – Annie Last – Team GB Mountain Biker. Bakewell born Annie Last made her Olympic debut at the London 2012 Olympics, becoming the first woman to represent Great Britain in the mountain bike event for 12 years. Leading the pack for the first lap, she finished in 8th place overall which was a great result for the developing rider.
• SATURDAY 10.30 – Young Adventurers – Extreme Mountain Biking. Multiple British trials bike champion Danny Butler travels the country with his Extreme Mountain Bike Show demonstrating his team’s hair-raising skills on two wheels. One of his intrepid team of top stunt mountain-bikers will be bringing their bike along to Buxton to show off their tricks.

More information at www.buxtonadventurefestival.co.uk


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