10 miles to the top

After the rain and wind of Saturday night the clear skies at Dovedale car park early on Sunday were most welcome, the group of Yorkshire Spice members all arrived on time, well done, that means not too much hanging around although you can get a good cup of tea here, the first few fields tested the gaiters with plenty of mud, a nice stroll through Ilam, checking on the imp, to the hall a photo shoot under the arches later down the spiral steps to the unusually full river and along Paradise walk, after crossing the again full river and more mud most of the way to Castern Hall, the views get better as we get higher, Throwley Hall ruins to the left,the flat top of Thorpe Cloud behind us and perfect White Peak scenery all around, still climbing steadily past Castern and over the hill to Stanshope, time for a tea break out of the wind before the enclosed track to Dale bottom and the steep slippery climb up Harry’s Bank to Alstonfield, that’s the way it’s spelled on the Parish stone no E, passing the church to descend the steep bank to Milldale and a very welcome hot drink from Polly’s Cottage. The return is following the river Dove down Dovedale all the better at this time of year when you can see through the trees to the rock formations glistening in the afternoon sun, all the formations look good the Dove Holes, Lion rock, Ilam rock, the Arch & Raynard’s cave, the Tissington Spires, Lovers Leap and all the others including the money trees!! at the stepping stones, now too easy with the flat tops, we decide on the climb over Thorpe Cloud to finish the day pausing half way to try and spot Russell Crowe aka Robin Hood galloping down Lin Dale to the beach? super views all around albeit a little windy, just the easy descent now ha ha slipping our way back to the start, a most enjoyable day with a good group. For this or any guided walk give me a call on 07710192399 or Email mick200067@hotmail.co.uk or visit outdoorsceneadventures.co.uk or follow on twitter@mickcornfield

On top of Thorpe Cloud

On top of Thorpe Cloud


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