What a fabulous day for a walk, classic White Peak starting from Tissington, this time it’s a group from East Midlands Spice, I say group but mean the odd couple and a movie lookalike [ from total recall or Lara croft ] !! and a couple of normal humans, anyway we headed along the Tissington Trail northwards a bit chilly in the cuttings but once in the sunshine it soon warmed up, here we stopped for the minutes silence for remembrance Sunday easy to reflect in the quiet of the countryside. We leave the trail just before the hotel to encounter the first mud of the day, do wish the odd couple would stop bickering, this section has 3 preserved old footpath signs wonderful, crossing to descend through the wood to Alsop en le Dale, a small but perfectly formed hamlet with a Norman church and a Hall, after a tea break in the sunshine on seats at the church and a visit inside we climb the other side of the valley and continue over to Parwich, lunch at the Sycamore Inn a fine pub and village store, after getting the girls off the playground we are again climbing up a muddy track and over the hill, here you have fine White Peak views up and down the glacial valley back above Parwich and across towards Tissington, a steep descent to cross the Bletch brook then a climb to follow the track then lane into Tissington village, after admiring the Hall the odd couple & Lara decided they wanted to extend the walk so we headed out to cross the A515 and climb to Gag lane before returning via the Limestone Way to the village. Thought it was time to give my ears a rest but instead decided to join the 2 guys [ the odd couple ] and Lara for a well earned pint in the Coach and Horses in Fenny Bentley, I don’t know where Lara put all those sausages! To book this or any guided walk call Mick on 07710192399 or Email or visit my web site

Lunchtime fun

Lunchtime fun


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